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Why A quiet perspective?

As an introvert personality, feeling like a stranger in a conventional environment, I have learnt, early in my childwood, to create my own world as a way to escape, survive and be happier.

Being very sensitive to extreme stimulations such as loud volume or intense light and colours I prefer to conceive calm and low atmospheres, which make me appreciate more details and subtle nuances.

I was born in one of the most artistic city in the world, Florence, Italy, which I am sure planted in me a spontaneous sense of beauty.

The ability to give birth to something with my hands fulfills, since then, my sense of satisfaction and relief.

Despite oppositions, my natural talent has always emerged and I have managed to follow my path.

And here I am, still evolving, looking for new ways to express myself and keep my interest up.

Why I paint

. I can't help it

. it comes natural to me and I am pretty good at it

. I really enjoy to be by myself in the studio and enter my personal world made of good vibes and beautiful stuff

. it is my way to communicate: I'd rather express myself with images than words

. it keeps me sane...

What I love

. birds singing just before dawn

. having coffee in nice places

. wandering in little towns

. tiny, cosy interiors

. a simple life

...oh, and I have an incomprehensible attraction for boxes.

Probably my feline side...

My studio-workplace at a top floor in Florence

Want more info about my available paintings?

Are you interested in purchasing?

And for those who want to know the facts, here they are!


1994-1998  The Florence Academy of Art


Solo exhibitions:

2012 Comune di Fiesole,Firenze

2011 Proloco Poppi 

2009 Libreria Il Parterre,Firenze

2007 Galleria L'Indicibile,Firenze

Collective exhibitions:

2014 Chiaroscuro – Richard Massey Foundation, New York

2012 L’Oeil du Prince Gallery, Paris, France

2012 The Florence Academy of Art, Firenze

2011 Artexpo Arezzo

2010 The Florence Academy of Art, Firenze
2009 Galleria Rielaborando,Arezzo
2009 Galleria Tornabuoni,Firenze

2008 Galleria Rielaborando,Arezzo


2006 Patterson Gallery,London,UK

2005-2007 Florence Academy of Art,Firenze

2003 Banca Primavera,Venezia Mestre

2003 Andreeva Portrait Gallery,Santa Fe,New Mexico

2003 Century Gallery,Alexandria,Virginia

2003 Hirschl&Adler Gallery,New York

2003 Panorama Museum,Bad Frankenhausen,Germany

2002 Grenning Gallery,New York

2001-2002 Studi Aperti,Via Degli Artisti,Firenze

2000 Percorsi 4 Palagio di Parte Guelfa,Firenze

1999 St.James Church,Firenze1998 Galleria ”La Corte” Firenze  

1996 C.Duncan Connelly Fine Art Gallery,Atlanta,Ga

1995 The Italian Cultural Institute,San Francisco,Ca


2004 The Pollock Krasner Foundation

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